The Heart And The Ego

In the last few months I have been putting more of myself out there and of course there will be more eyes on what I’m doing or saying and for sure the judgements and criticism would be obvious, but there is also this huge window of opportunity.  I’m stepping out more, so that I can unravel my own ego mind and find more love for myself from the depth of my soul.

I really don’t need to focus on those who don’t see me, validate me or show me love. The best part of putting yourself out there, is the opportunity to show yourself that you matter and how you feel matters more, then what someone’s opinion of you is. 

Our egos run high and place us in fear, not to prevent life from occurring but to protect us from our pain, but there is no life in that. As a spiritual teacher I run into people’s ego and fears all the time and sometimes it can be extremely exhausting. I do my best to try and show them their potential, but when the ego kicks in , they run away and go back to the lies that they have created. We love our comfort zones and self-sabotage! 



The biggest challenge of the ego is commitment. Do you commit to life, to your happiness, to your ability to love yourself or are you comparing yourself and blaming your bad luck or circumstances on others?

The truth, I have been a punching bag by others’ egos for far to long. The biggest lesson I have learned while being a spiritual teacher  is to honour my being above all , speak my truth and continue on my path. Whether you follow me or not is not my responsibility.  Never violate your boundaries to accommodate anyone. Never hold back from allowing truth to be spoken, never limit anyone else’s potential and above all be real. This isn’t above image or being nice all the time but being real to yourself.


Nobody can take anything from you when you are living in your truth and eventually the ego will come to terms with your ability to love yourself . The heart never lies, it speaks from the soul.




May love and light guide you home,

Christina xo


Count Our Blessings

Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, some of us are already doing what we are meant to be doing, but the stress of others being unhappy and the idea of the rat cage, leaves people feeling confused. People may feel like, should I hate my job, should I too consider leaving my 9-5?


Why is the idea of having a 9-5 so bad?



I often have clients who feel unhappy and assume it’s because of their job. In fact most of the time it’s about the belief systems they have about work or, they are misplacing their emotions and assuming it’s their job that is affecting them. The truth is, there is so much more to consider.


Not everyone is mean’t to walk away from the jobs they have, not everyone’s meant to work for themselves and frankly some people who do leave their jobs and try and start something on their own may be forcing the process and creating more stress than needed! Where you are right now is so important. It’s important because it’s teaching you about how you feel, how and what is making you unhappy on such a deeper level.


When we are unhappy we are always looking to blame someone or something but we really need to look  deep within ourselves. Being an entrepreneur isn’t always what it’s cracked out to be, yes you’re the boss but the amount of time and work and the payout expected is very different, than the stability of the 9-5. You really need to feel the security within yourself, and maybe the job you’re in is creating that already.


Another thing to consider, is your hobbies aren’t your purpose or even in alignment to jumping and creating a new business.  Hobbies are in alignment to feelings. Hobbies exist because it reminds us of a feeling of joy or a person you yearned to emotionally bond with. Purpose comes from a sense of self.



Now, if you’re someone who disagrees with the above, I want you to ask yourself these following questions. These are the questions the true entrepreneurs face daily.


  1. Can you face your fear of failure?
  2. Can you walk away from people and situations to truly honour what you want to create?
  3. What’s your belief about finances?
  4. Do you understand balance?
  5. Are you someone who can handle judgement?
  6. What is your gift and not something you mimic from someone else?
  7. What makes you different from the rest?
  8. Are you willing to do the work you preach about or the business you would like to create?
  9. Do you understand that everything is a reflection of who you are, so you will attract that?
  10. Does your heart open at the thought of doing , or taking the risk of being an entrepreneur?


So, if you’re feeling trapped and you’re looking for a way out, don’t run away from the exterior or change your whole life just yet. You may be exactly where you need to be. Yes, of course we want more joy and better experiences but who says you’re not already  in the best experience right now. Maybe some of us just need to count our blessings.

May Love and Light Guide You Home,



*images do not belong to me, happy buddha entrepreneur*

Peace Exists Within Me



I often get asked what is my daily practice, do I meditate or do I use Mantras or affirmations? I would like to share with you some of my daily Mantras and practices, that are easy to incorporate in day to day life. One thing I do not add to my practice is affirmations, if they are not in alignment to my emotions then i can’t connect with them.


My number one practice is Inner Child Work, I work on healing my emotional shadow side daily. What does this look like? Any discomfort in my body I dive right into feeling that emotion and allow it to completely take over, its my “letting go” or “releasing resistance to self.” This process has taught me so much about my vibration and my inner struggles and insecurities. I highly recommend doing this process, I teach it to my clients and use this process to help heal people’s shadow sides.



I love working with Angels and Archangels or Ascended Masters, Goddesses or Gods. I love welcoming in my Guides , my Higher -Self and Angels into my space of meditation. I have a sacred space, where i do my meditation daily, but I also allow myself to have the freedom to meditated anywhere and anytime. One of my practices is a Mantra I say to myself daily especially when i feel overwhelmed or that I have chaos around me.

PEACE EXISTS WITH ME…i repeat this and i allow each one of my fingers to touch my thumb while doing this. It’s in that moment I collect myself.




I practice a couple of forms of Yoga, I am actually not that flexible, but I do enjoy a good stretch and Yoga allows me to clear my energy and open me up to whatever I need for the day. I am not much for hard core work outs, I like to listen to how my body feels and what it needs.

My go to is, Kundalini Yoga and Yoga of Abundance   (Belvaspata), this yoga I am actually certified in. Yoga of Abundance is spiritually connected to the Angels, so I welcome them into my practice and it helps a lot with my intuition and manifesting more abundance in my life.




My method of prayer may be a bit different them some, I do talk to GOD directly but I also I’m aware that he created Angels and Ascended Masters and I LOVE calling on their help in whatever form possible! I also do a prayer right before I work with any of my clients to help me stay grounded open with love and ready to allow the Divine Light to work through me.

Prayer : Open My Heart

Dear Angels of Love help me attune to the vibrations of Love, that God himself has to offer. Help me see the light in others and guide me in the direction of truth, always. Help keep my Heart open ready to receive my opportunities and joys and to share those experiences with others.




These beautiful practices keep me grounded, cleansed and cleared and ready to start my day.  Hope these little tools can help you as well.

May love and light guide you home ,







Spiritual Badass

It takes a true warrior of light to be a spiritual badass! If you know that you’re someone who feels vibes and wants the best for others, then you know you have unconditional love to give. You’re a warrior of light that shines and sends out blessings! Never forget you’re a badass !

Warriors have no fear showing their emotions and they will call out a liar when they see one. They don’t follow rules and may even seem like a bit of a rebel but don’t be fooled it’s their cover from showing how deep they feel and how much they really do care.
Wanna be a badass warrior yourself?

Here are the steps to create changes in people’s lives without having to fix or make anyone’s problems your problems.




If you want big changes but you’re tired of not being heard, bless people in silence. Meditate, write a letter or talk to their spiritual guides for resolution. That’s how badass you are, you know there is more then the eye can see.




Everyday wake up and in your core believe you have a mission. Your mission is to be the example of love. How does a warrior badass do this , by showing love for themselves! Be the example and lead those and encourage them to love themselves too.



A true leader is someone who teaches others that they are leaders too. Be a badass warrior by showing someone their worth but never do the work for them. LEAD!



Love, no matter what, love! Love is the answer and it will always heal. Be the badass warrior that remembers that love is the only truth of our existence.

May love and light guide you home ,

We Are All In This Together

I have suffered and have asked God many times why do I need this? Why do I have to feel all this pain and the pain of others? Why would I need to have this experience? Does this make me wiser to seek more truths? Has this brought me to my current destination of healing others? What I realized was God is teaching me all aspects of me and that God is not separate from me but that we are one. 

 I was abused as a child in many forms. This isn’t to blame or shame my parents or my abusers but it is a fact of my expression to my true self. I have been through more, have felt my heart ache not just for my pain but for everyone around me. The hardest part is explaining this. My gifts did not make me special nor do I look at them currently as a means to get added attention, but more as a means to help people through their pain as well. But in order to do so I must release all judgements of how I perceive experiences to be. 

  My intuition is my guidance; if I do not listen to my expanded self I then become unaware of what to learn. I am still the student of God. I meditate daily to come into my body and realize that the universe and God exists within my being and that we are one. The world is a mirror and all of you are of me and me of you. Every aspect, every experience is an extension of self. The person I hate, is me. The person I walked away from, is me. The food I eat, is me. The pain I see, is me. This is our truth. To live it is another. 
 After 7 years of being, living and breathing this journey – although it starts from the moment you breathe life and then choices are created for contrast – I realized that I must surrender to the “higher power” which in most perspectives is God. Understanding this and the unity of God not being a separate being of me, I had to surrender to myself. This has been the continuum of my last three months. 

  If you’ve read my pervious blogs, my root chakra and sacral have been healing. The divine feminine aspects of love, emotions, pain, sexuality, creation and fertility all of which embody MOTHER EARTH and creation have been my challenges. This separation of self started the minute I was born. I was separated from my mother and for at least 24hours she was not allowed to touch me, bond with me and create connection. This plays a role in my ability to have created the connection back to myself.  My mother was the representation of the universe, God, delivering my salvation. This created the separation of self and the suffering. 
Three months ago, as my timely menstrual cycle arrived, it had been late a week as I aligned with a different moon cycle. This specific cycle had to do with death and rebirth. As this cycle should, it felt different. Not a normal pain or cramps but an aching so deep within my being that I literally curled up in a ball and moaned and cried in pain. My throat chakra was activated and my inner child screamed “no, no, no” countless times. The pain was so severe that I asked my guides to knock me out, but they whispered I needed to know and hear so they stood by me holding me tight and allowing me to feel for the first time fully supported. Forty-five minutes later, it ended. I stood up and realized I had an aspect of myself surrender and die and New Me emerged. 
God is not separate from you but one with you. You are part of this whole experience. My connection through my rebirth made me realize how connected I really am to all aspects of my being. I honour that and I honour you. We are all in this together. 

May love and light guide you home 

10 Reasons Why You Should Be An Energy Snob!

Your light is valuable and should be honoured.  You are a Divine Being that has the ability and potential to thrive and create any reality you desire, but you can’t if you’re giving your light away and draining your energy. Learn how to be an energy snob. Recognize the signs when your light is being dimmed out!

Prioritize You!

Your energy is very valuable and you really need to make sure that you are operating at your highest potential. You can’t help, fix or give to others when you don’t put your needs first. Sounds selfish but you need to make sure that self-care is on the top of your list.  You can’t be of any good to anyone if you are not good yourself.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Don’t be hard on yourself. The more you put yourself down the more you’ll attract people who feel your insecurities and can zap your own energy. Being super hard on yourself doesn’t help you in any way. It’s super important that you focus on the greatness that you are! Value how your energy helps attract experiences to work in your favour and honour that energy.

Walk Away From The Toxic Gossip Girl

I’m sure you have all felt it, maybe you’ve even engaged in it; but sitting and gossiping only creates the vibration of insecurity and that in itself creates the attraction of energy vampires. People who leech and steal your energy. Walk away from anyone who gossips. You will be doing yourself a favour and your energy a favour!

Debbie Downer

I’m sure we have encountered this type of person, who can’t see the positive in anything. Be cautious around this type of person because they can create you to feel doubt in your own goals and aspirations. This type of vibration can cause you serious doubt and totally bring you down; maybe even depress you. Be mindful to keep these conversations short and sweet and maybe even walk away from them completely.

Validation From Others

This can be one of the biggest energy zaps. Ladies and Gents, don’t ever seek validation from anyone, especially your loved ones. Anyone who loves you will accept you as you are. If you find yourself justifying why you’re doing something or creating what your heart wants, be a snob and walk away. You deserve better.


Yah that’s right SEX, this is super important. Don’t just sleep with anyone your energy is so important and every encounter should feel sacred. How you treat your body and allow others to invade your energy is an exchange of vibes. Yes, it may feel great in that moment of lust but if it’s not genuine and respectful, you can totally end up feeling ungrounded and completely not yourself.  Honour yourself, be a snob and walk away.

Never Accommodate

Always honour your boundaries, don’t do anything that is not in alignment with what you believe in or even have the energy to put into. So be good to you and never accommodate because you feel bad, this gets you in a space of being angry the minute you over step your own boundaries. You are not obligated to anyone but yourself.

Stop Being Around Fake People

I think we are all aware of those individuals that just lie or act like they are better than anyone else. It’s probably best that you stop comparing yourself to them as well. What you see in the exterior is not what is really going on in the interior! Your vibration would shift around these people, you may want to spend more money, change your appearance and want to fit in. Run! Don’t ever change yourself, these people will chew you up and spit you out! Walk away with your head held high and don’t share your light with their illusions.

Save Your Money

I don’t care how much you make, stop spending it on things that you think you need or on individuals who don’t reciprocate! If your bank account shows debt, that’s how you know you don’t value your energy. Value your dollar and put yourself ahead. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Take Back Your Power

Don’t engage in arguments or positions of power struggles. The minute you engage in any of this you have now giving your power to them. Having an opinion is great but not when it becomes a power struggle. This vibration will cause you to lack confidence in yourself, your personal views , beliefs and can completely leave you feeling depleted.


Being an energy snob is to OWN your personal power. Get into the space of seeing your light and shine bright!

May Love and Light Guide You Home


The Silent Touch of Love

We have all heard that saying in the spiritual community, “Give and send love”. Even though I’m spiritual I don’t really find myself fitting into that community and some ideas are hard to process.  Giving love felt a bit fake to me especially if I was upset or felt really hurt by someone. Tonight, I found some understanding in the process of giving and sending someone love.

 Sending love seemed like a farfetched idea.  If I just send that person love all the pain would disappear? Ummm no! The thought of not dealing with the repressed issues made me even angrier and so I couldn’t just send them love. I would need to connect back to myself and show myself self-respect and understand why I allowed the situation to occur to begin with, but tonight something shifted and I needed a solution a bit sooner then diving deep into the emotions of it all. 

 I was feeling very disconnected to a very important relationship in my life. I thought to myself, how can I find connection or love if this person shuts down or is closed off due to their own personal fears,  its just exhausting (I get it being human is super hard!!).  So as I sat with this feeling, I realized my only option was to send them love. Woohh what?? Send them love? Let’s be real I call myself a “life and spiritual coach” because I question and have to make sense of everything.  So there I was, ready to send love. I thought about how I could give this person the understanding that they are not alone, that I want to validate their experience and show them support. So I grabbed my journal, sat in my meditative space and wrote them a love letter. In the letter I made sure to express my unconditional love and validate their experiences. 

Wow what a release I felt! I felt alive and in control of the feelings.  Here’s the deeper understanding, if everyone is a reflection of me then those letters are to me as well. Vibration speaks loud and heals more then we understand. Sometimes it is in the silence that we can deepen our love.

So, I guess send love, but send love to those aspects of you that need awakening and healing.  As for the person I sent love to, I know they felt my silent touch of love. 


May love and light guide you home.