January Workshops 2018

Stress Management Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you seriously get a hold of your stress, worries and anxieties. This is designed to get your body back into a calm state of being for real healing of the mind, body , and soul.

10 weeks Saturday Jan 13th 3-4pm running until Saturday March 17th
please make payment to etrasfer
(no reserved spots until full payment or partial payment)
15 spots

In the next 10 weeks you will learn: 
1. The importance of breathing and meditation
2. Reducing Stress
3. Beathing techniques that bring calm and balance – Gentle movement 
4. The nervous system
5. What kind of stress are you ?
6. Attuning to the vibration of calm
7. Remove the toxic situation that brings up stress
8. A meditation practice designed specifically for your type of stress.
9. Healing the body
10. Balance and Fluidity with life and the universe

Intuitive Development Workshop

This is a beginners intuitive development workshop that helps individuals tune into their spiritual gifts, heightening their awareness and aligning them to deeper spiritual understanding. Everyone has innate spiritual intuitive gifts that need love and attention. There is nothing to fear and if you learn to connect with these gifts you not only heal your anxieties and fears but you help bring awareness and healing to everyone around yourself.

8 weeks Sunday Jan 14th 3-4pm running until Sunday March 4th
please send payment to :

15 spots ( no reserving spots without payment or partial payment)

No refunds.

The Program:
1. Chakras, Psychic Development and Symbols
2.Vibrations and Tuning In
3. Guides and The Spirit Realms
4. Understanding what type of innate Gifts and what type of intuitive you are.
5. Tapping into vibrations
6.Understanding mirror, neutral state and projections
7.Fear of the unknown and healing
8. Readings performed in group, building your intuitive confidence

Stepping into the Divine Flow of Life

Each class will start with the YOGA OF ABUNDANCE a spiritual YOGA that helps you connect MIND , BODY and SOUL to the natural flow of the universe, opening the channels to allow manifesting more into your experience.


  • Meditation to heal the reproductive system
  • Going with the flow of life and learning to surrender
  • Balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine , learning the flow of BALANCE
  • Moon cycles and there powerful intentions and manifesting powers
    ( how to optimize the cycles to help your energy and health)
  • Spiritual causes of reproductive blocks and the emotions tied to it
  • Fertility, as a physical or metaphysical celebration
  • Opening of the heart to release old grievances


89 Alberta Ave., Toronto

limited spots.

Past Workshops

Get Addicted to Self

We struggle everyday with addictions, some can admit it and others have yet to face the real truth.  These cravings, wants and needs came from somewhere deep within all of us.  It nearly destroyed me but with my spiritual gift i had the ability to face them and never look back.  I have been asked by many of my clients to show them the tools and how to work with their own personal power to heal these addictions.  With this 8 week program i will teach you how to face your avoidance and co-dependencies that created the addiction to begin with.  This is a commitment to getting addicted to Self!

Workshop detail:

  • 8 week workshop starting on June 4 and held every Sunday at 5:30pm.
  • Location TBD
  • Cost: $310 (deposit of $40 required to reserve a spot)


We will discuss the effects of our addictions and how they relate to emotional traumas and learnt behaviour patterns in our environment.

  • How we abuse smoking to avoid confrontations and try and fit in.
  • Drinking to help numb our pain and lose control.
  • Using drugs to escape reality and responsibility.
  • Having no boundaries with sex because we have been neglected and abandoned and craving attention.
  • The temporary relief shopping can bring because we our wanting to belong and rejecting our self imagine in return.
  • Why do we pretend everything is ok our addiction to avoidance of shadow emotions.
  • Being addicted to another person and facing our co-dependancy issues and learning to love ourselves and get our personal power back.
  • Not feeling needy, seeking attention and managing the energy vampires around us.
  • Emotional eating because we do not know how to face our emotions so we repress and regret them.
  • Remembering we are not all perfect and understand where the need for control came from.
  • Our fight and inner struggle with our journey of recovery because we self sabotage every good thing around us.

We will work together on tools to manage your addiction along with healing, emotional releases, facing our shadows and movement towards a better sense of self and relief.

Disclaimer: This is not a 12 step program its an addition to your journey of self love.

Dreams and Meanings

This workshop is to help you understand your deep subconscious fears and how they show up in the dream state to heal, give you messages and guide you. You will get a deeper understanding of how the dream state is , the 5th and 6th dimensions and the Astral World of Dreaming. You will learning how to communicate clearer with your Guides and Angels and help uncover the deeper meanings of your soul’s purpose.

  1. The Dream World and The Dimensions
  2. Astral Projection and the Astral Plain
  3. Dream Meanings
  4. Spirit Animals , Guides and Loved Ones who Crossed over how they are communicating messages
  5. How to remember your dreams
  6. Clairvoyant Messages through Dreams


3 hour workshop
Hand out will be provided
18 spot available

Chakra Healing Workshop

This is a two hour workshop on healing the Chakras and understanding the emotional imprints in the Chakra system. We will be learning how to dive deep into the Chakras and understand how they work and how if not balanced can project our fears into our reality.

You will also be learning how to work with a Pendulum to balance your Chakras and deepend your trust on your Spiritual Journey.

  1. Working through understanding the 7 major energy systems
  2. The Auric Field , Emotional Body, Mental Body , Physical Body and Spiritual Body
  3. Emotional Imprints and How These Vibrations communicate with Laws of Attraction
  4. Pendulum Healing
  5. Development of Meditation Clearing the Chakras


Two Hour Workshop
18 spots available
You will be giving a Hand out with Imformation to take home and you can purchase your own Pendulum on Location

Diving Deep into the Shadow - Healing Our Trauma

Diving Deep Into The Shadows – Healing Our Trauma

STARTS JAN 22nd at 7pm runs until MARCH 12th 2017 8 week workshop (SUNDAYS)

This workshop was developed to Heal the Shadows of your subconscious fears and our imprints of trauma that keep creating our vicious cycles and patterns. This workshop is a 8 week intense healing workshop.


  • Learning a sense of self
  • Learning to not put your life on hold
  • Manifesting and what emotional traumas block you from creating your manifestation
  • Diving Deep into the Emotional Body
  • Understanding Emotional Triggers and Sensations to heal Trauma
  • Healing Trauma and opening the memories that may be blocked
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Nurturing the Inner Child


Location : St. Clair West and Oakwood 89 Alberta Ave ( Side Entrance)

Open House

1pm – 4pm

Intuitive Readings
15 min. $35

Tarot Card Reading
15min. $25

Free Meditation & Talk with Christina Prokos

Come meet & mingle with like minded souls. Enjoy tea & treats, receive an intuitive reading or tarot card reading and be inspired to grow and begin the healing process!

Crystal Care Kits available for sale!

Crystal Workshop

Diving Deep Into The Shadows – Healing Our Trauma

STARTS JAN 22nd at 7pm runs until MARCH 12th 2017 8 week workshop (SUND

This workshop is designed to teach you how to connect with crystals and their healing properties. You will be working extensively with a crystal care kit and will be working through issues associated to what that crystal offers you.This course is designed to help you create bonds with crystals and get all the benefits a crystal can offer.

You will also be given access to a private Facebook group, Awakening Truth/ Life and Spiritual for added support and encouragement to help you on your journey.


  • Understanding energy, vibration and resonance
  • Working with elements
  • Understanding themes (why you’re drawn to connecting with specific crystals )
  • Introduction to different types of crystals
  • Meditating with crystals
  • How to connect with the divine, angels, guides and ascended masters using crystals
  • How crystals can heal
  • Brief introduction to Reiki and Crystal Therapy.


Saturdays 6:30 pm  – 7:30 pm

September 10, 2016 – October 29, 2016


$300 (includes crystal care kit)

Christina Prokos & Bessie Amaral

Spirituality 101

Spirituality 101 is an 8 week workshop for individuals who are seeking to begin a spiritual journey or who have experienced anxiety, stress or trauma are seeking to begin the healing process in a safe and welcoming environment with like minded souls.In this workshop you will learn tools to start the meditative process, learn about the energy body and chakra system and how to connect to your Angels and Guides.

You will also be given access to a private Facebook group, Awakening Truth/ Life and Spiritual for added support and encouragement to help you on your journey.

Sundays 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

September 11, 2016 – October 30, 2016

8 weeks



  • Fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation
  • The process of journaling
  • Sound therapy and fundamentals of the chakras
  • How to connect with Angels and Archangels
  • Understanding the laws of the universe, energy and vibration
  • Positive focus and staying in your joy
  • Life themes
  • Intro to Inner-child work

Mediumship Workshop

This workshop is for individuals who feel intuitive or highly empathic and sensitive who want a deeper understanding of their spiritual gifts.In this course you will learn to heighten your intuition and learn how to use mediumship as a healing tool.

You will also be given access to a private Facebook group, Awakening Truth/ Life and Spiritual for added support and encouragement to help you on your journey.


  • Fundamentals of psychic development
  • Psychic development through symbols
  • Psychic development using symbols through chakras
  • Psychic symbols in the aura
  • Clearing, grounding and healing
  • Fundamentals of intuitive readings
  • Mediumship
  • connecting with deceased loved ones
  • healing through mediumship


7 weeks


Saturdays 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm

November 5, 2016 -December 17, 2016

*Please note the last class will be 2hrs.

Christina Prokos & Helen Gharibo

Calling in Your Soul Mate / Twin Flame

This workshop is designed to teach you how to connect with specific tools to help manifest a soulmate/twin flame relationship. Helping heal any emotional blocks, triggers and patterns that would be blocking you from your potential mate. This is a 10-week 1hour workshop. Starting Sunday, May 29, 2016. Cost: $280

This includes the following:

  • Understanding the difference between a soulmate and twin flame
  • Creating a sacred space to manifest your soulmate
  • Understanding and embracing the divine feminine and divine masculine
  • Recognizing patterns, beliefs that may be blocking desired relationships and manifesting
  • How to recognize when you are in a toxic relationship with yourself and with your partner
  • and learning when to walk away
  • Journey to self-love
  • How to communicate your needs and wants in a soulmate relationship
  • How to heal a current relationship
  • Emotionally decluttering to create space and welcome your partner in
  • Meditation tools to recognize the imprint and feel the energy of your soulmate/twin flame
  • Dreams, subconscious fears vs twin flame union
  • The art of Surrendering

Fitness/ Meditation Workshop- June 6th at 730 pm (Location Purenergy Wellness Lofts)

Christina Prokos Life and Spiritual Coach and Lisa Manzo Registered Holistic Wellness Coach will be running a fitness meditation class this June! Similar to our fitness class we did over last summer! It’s 8 weeks. It’s $155 it will be run at the studio PurEnergy Wellness Lofts on our roof top!! Great way to get your fit on. Christina will be guiding you through meditation and teaching to visualize healing the areas of your body that you reject and the emotions tied with that! Lisa will training our bodies and talking about Holistic foods that help trim down the body in a natural healthy way!

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