3 years ago I met Christina Prokos. I was at the lowest point in my life and felt lost and alone and very depressed. I thought there was no hope for me. I started taking life coaching with her . I was nervous at first, I had been to therapy before and it had done nothing for me. As i started to work with her I slowly started to learn that I had put myself down my whole life and it was causing the experiences that reflected that I I show up in my life over and over again. Christina taught me the power of self love. What it is to meditate and connect with yourself and your inner child. I started journaling all of my progresses. I took different workshops with her and have seen the power of her gifts and how she can help guide you home back to your true authentic self.

That sad girl that met her 3 years ago has transformed her life very much since then. My journey has only just begun and I am so looking forward to continuing to be the best version of myself. I still have a lot of sad down days and she taught me to honor that too. To sit with my inner child and tell her it’s all ok. And you know what, I know she will be. Thank you Cristina for not just helping me, but for every life you touch with your love , compassion and support through what you do to help people and make this world a more beautiful place. Your truly are an earth angel ❤️

I am so thankful christina came into my life almost 5years ago. The universe brought us together which I thought was for a very meaningful reading. Now I know exactly why we’ve stayed connected. I call her a friend and a great teacher! I have done a few workshops with her and what a mind blowing experience, it only took me 4 years to realize what I needed to (which there is soooo much more) & I continue to grow as I learn new things about myself. Thank you beautiful soul for all the healing and unraveling I continue to do. Love you! Thank you for the tools you’ve given to me as I continue to do the work!
I found Christina to assist with understanding my health condition PMDD on a spiritual level, well I can remember the first session being so blown away! I had never worked with someone so spot on intuitive and guided that could understand so many things about me and guide me to understanding my own power to heal! Life changer!
Cant even put in words how much you have helped me and continue to help me! Your no bs and up front attitude is so refreshing and makes this growth and self love process much more easier to trust! Christina you truly are amazing!!!!!!!!
Curiously enough, at a time my life when I felt desperately lost, multiple people suggested that I visit Christina. And I am so glad that I did. She illuminated for me the base of multiple issues, supported me and worked with me, through them. Encouraged by her, I had and continue to embark on life changes. I am endlessly grateful to her.
Love Christina! I recently started learning from Christina and the journey has been incredible.

She KNOWS her stuff, is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful.
I’ve frequented some psychics and mediums before, but none were as authentic as Christina.
If you’re looking for answers and guidance I honestly cannot recommend anyone other than her. She’s a beautiful soul!

I had to pleasure to meet Christina about 4 years ago & she was the first person to introduce me to the 7 Chakra’s, mediation and the Archangels. Most recently I completed a fabulous 8 week workshop with her called Spirituality 101. Although I knew it would be a very beneficial workshop, I was honestly truly Amazed & blown away at the journey/rollercoaster I had been on over those 8 weeks with Christina. I have reflected & learned more about myself in those past 8 weeks, than I have in years. Christina was able to make things so clear for me and I will forever view myself and the world in a much different light. I am so blessed to have Christina in my life to guide and support me. Christina is such a beautiful, talented person and she is so amazing at everything she does. I look forward to working with Christina again and I suggest you also do too 🙂
Much Love
I was fortunate to meet Christina 3 years ago. Her non-judgemental, no nonsense guidance has truly helped me. She has taught me various tools and strategies to go beyond the surface and look within myself to find the answers. I am truly blessed that she has been there for me and continues to be. Christina is a one of a kind, genuine individual who truly has your best interest at heart. Many thanks for all that you have done!
Christina is kind, generous, dedicated, and so gifted. Her up front and honest approach to spirituality- and to life in general is like a breath of fresh air. She teaches by example and helps to shed new light and give a fresh perspective on even the toughest issues to help all of those around her fulfill their potential. She’s awesome!

Christina is a dedicated, loyal and a beautiful soul inside and out. She has helped me to let go, be bold and unfold. In doing so wasn’t the easiest and most comfortable task, as she help me to look at the good, the bad and even the ugly aspects of myself and having to accept it all. Christina stayed by my side, in a loving, supportive and safe manner full of acceptance of all aspects of me.

Christina, helped to me to stand in my truth, and yes to walk my talk. She supported me each step of the way in directing me to re- create my story by letting go of my imperfections, stepping fearlessly into the unknown, and getting my ego out of the way by connecting me with my intuition and highest self. With her loving guidance, I am able to move forward and stop living in my past.

Christina has helped me to commit each day to live in the present moment and keep the momentum going in finding my joy. She has taught me to embrace non attachment to outcomes, and to go with the flow, knowing full well that the universe has my back always.

Thank you Christina in teaching me useful tools to bloom and find my authentic voice. Also she inspires me to commit each day to live, to be happy, to love myself (others) and to open and trust my heart (again) to a world where I feel safe again knowing that anything is possible for my highest and best <3 I love you my friend xoxo

I am so grateful that the universe brought us together – more like it brought you to rescue me! I can’t say it enough, how beautiful of a soul she is. About 4 years ago, Christina walked into my office and changed my life forever, and so came the beginning of my spiritual journey. Being the loving, caring, big hearted, no BS soul that she is, my closed door didn’t stop her! I would never have the life I have and be the person that I am today, if it were not for her. I am forever grateful! I was a lost soul, searching for happiness in the outside world. Lost the sparkle that I once had in my eye, the contagious, bright smile and just simply felt empty. Thanks to Christina I was able to find happiness in my world! Her reading and follow up sessions, brought all that back! I’m alive again! I finally have the baby that I thought was not possible (and probably would not have had if I continued down that path), the job that I actually love (which I don’t even consider to be a job because it’s my passion, it brinca me joy and I love it so much) and best of all I’m surrounded by beautiful people who are honest, genuine, caring and loving.
We love her to pieces and consider her family. She has an amazing gift, and a great skill to help people benefit from it – saving the world, one person at a time! Thank you Christina for storming into my office, telling me to shut up and listen! Love you forever!
Christina is a beautiful soul. She doesn’t hold back, she is blunt, and helps you to become a better version of yourself.
being introduced to Christina was the best thing that could have happened to me. She has helped me through my deepest darkest times, when i was going through a deep stage of depression. with work inner child healing and all the amazing things she does she was able to walk me out of that dark side and make me the person i am today. Defiantly worth going to her. Thanks Christina!!!
So I have been seeing Christina since July 2015 and I can honesty say that she is remarkable at what she teaches. I have been going through a rough time and I have been blessed to be able to find someone whom understands me and wants me better. She is truly a gifted soul and uses her gifts for the better good of all. She never sugar coats anything and keeps it real and that it is so refreshing as doctors seem to always want to medicate me. She teaches you tools/techniques to incorporate in your daily life. I forever am grateful to her as she has helped me grow and face some tough challenges. God sent us an angel when he created Christina xoxo
Christina is a highly intuitive and extremely gifted teacher and healer! In the 2 years that I’ve been working with her, all aspects of my life have flourished! She has brought so much awareness and has helped heal such deep wounds, that I can finally begin to live my life with true authenticity. There is simply no one quite like her and I cannot thank her enough!
Christina is a godsend. The first time I met her was October 2015 for a healing and had no idea what to expect. I was skeptical and thought ok I’ll just go see her, listen to what she says, be my typical rock-like self and go on my way. What I didn’t expect was to be enlightened, to be spiritually awakened, and to leave feeling lighter and happier after just 60 min. Prior to this, for years I haven’t been able to explain to family members and professionals how I’ve been feeling; nonetheless the usual answer was to prescribe anxiety medications, expensive migraine pills, anti-depressants, and pain killers. In a world where this is becoming the all too quick fix, I wanted something more holistic and to feel more in control of my own life. Now I’ve been taught (and still learning) tools I can use to help me in everyday life. The amounts of anxiety and panic attacks have decreased greatly, and I look forward to learning more from Christina; she doesn’t hold back, is amusingly blunt, and wants to help you be the better you. So thankful for that day in October that started this journey.
Amazing, beautiful girl. I highly recommend her to any and everyone.
Christina helped me so much with finding direction in life and moving forward. #angel
I can’t speak highly enough of Christina and what her energy and teachings have done to and how it has enhanced my life. I started seeing her almost two years ago and my life has turned around in extremes in ways I never even imagined possible. With her help she has opened my eyes, mind, body and soul to endless possibilities and the power we hold within ourselves to manifesting everything we imagined. True happiness comes from within and through my journey with her I have learned what it truly means to love myself and surround myself with all the things I’ve ever wanted. I have become successful in self growth, self love, my career, my love life, following my dreams, establishing healthy boundaries in all my relationships, self awareness and so much more. The journey is one you have to be ready and open to embark on within yourself…that truly is the first step. Once you are ready you truly can believe that anything is possible and experience it first hand! I have learned what it’s like to truly live my life, a lesson that is insurmountable to anything. Christina has a heart of gold, has a comforting and inviting energy that will have you craving her presence and she is not only a mentor and guardian angel on earth but a true friend that I respect and cherish and wouldn’t replace. Everyone around me has become inspired by my move and accomplishments in my life and I grateful recommend her to everyone to help make this world a better place.

With love and appreciation

Christina is truly gifted and I feel blessed to have been able to receive her help and guidance. Her intuitive abilities are remarkable, and she quickly dives into the areas you don’t even know you need to work on. You always walk away feeling a shift, and even more importantly, validated. I always go to Christina when I need to get results. She is compassionate and focused, strong and loving – a unique and amazing soul!


Working with Christina has been life changing. Her heart and humour, coupled with her strong intuition and integrity create a supportive and safe space for major personal shifts to happen. I began working with Christina during a very rough period, and her wisdom and encouragement have been instrumental in guiding me towards a more fulfilling life. She is truly a gifted coach and medium.
It is with great honour that I am able to express my gratitude to you. You have made a broken girl feel alive again. You have given me the strength and knowledge to face the unthinkable and have given me great comfort in my time of need. I aways thought that no matter how hard I tried or how good I was I would never belong and that I deserved it all that everything was my fault and that I deserved it all because it was what I was use to in my life. I have seen a lot of doctors however no one has touched me like you have. Anyone you touch is blessed as you inspire all to be who they are truly meant to be and you make them understand that everyone is loved no matter what. So for this im truly grateful.
Thank you for all of the spiritual guidance you’ve provided me over the years. You’ve truly taught me the power that I have within and how to assume the role of creator in my own life, giving me the courage to start following my heart.

I’m so proud of you for making this page and sharing your gift with more people.

Christina has been an inspiration in my life. Not only is she a great friend but she has put her love and compassion in what she does. She has given the tools I need (even though I was stubborn at first to listen) in order to go through the roller coaster ride that life holds. My life has changed dramatically all with the help and guidance of Christina. I thank her for being honest, taking the time to listen and showing me the tools I needed to move forward and manifest the life I wanted. Truly is a blessing to have her in my life.
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