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Christina Prokos is a Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Healer and Intuitive. She uses her mentoring skills, and tools to help motivate, inspire and help her clients achieve their authenticity.  She helps her clients achieve success in all areas of their lives from personal to business. Christina is experienced in working with individuals who suffer with anxiety and high levels of stress. She creates a safe environment where her clients can express and trust in her. She teaches many different tools and techniques to help her clients reduce anxiety and stress and help develop self-confidence, self-worth and self-love in all areas of the Mind, Body, and Soul. Her clients find positive results and relief in their day to day tasks with the skills and tools to help improve their clarity, focus and grounding so that they are more harmonious and happier in their day to day lives.

Christina has certifications

  • Life Coaching
  • Spiritual Healer
  • Reiki Healing Practitioner
  • Meditation for Anxiety, Stress Management and PTSD, Inner Child Trauma Visualization
  • Metaphysics ( Energy, Mediumship, Psychic, Angels)
  • Meditation, Yoga and Arasatma: breathing techniques of the ancients
  • Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart
  • Mindfulness Coach
  • Emotional Trauma Healer

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My Services


Assessment Reading : $180

This reading is a intuitive energy reading. It has the ability to help you heal from emotional traumas. This reading is your first step to your path of authenticity.

Christina uses her intuitive abilities to read energy to help heal all emotional traumas, anxieties , suffering and fears. This is for individuals who are ready to start their healing journey and who need answers for their suffering.

If you believe you are gifted, Christina will also help you understand your gifts and help you align with your life’s purpose. This is a detailed reading of all your life potentials and truths, be ready for shifts to occur even after just one session.

This reading also connects to deceased loved ones, your Angels and Guides helping you heal from grief.

*assessment reading is always done before deep healing sessions*


  • Clear understanding of what is out of balance for you
  • Understanding of what your soul wants
  • Clear guidance to your next step towards your healing and desires
  • A sense of relief, opening of your energy body to promote well-being
  • Understanding stress triggers, anxiety and emotional traumas
  • Clearer understanding of what you are creating in your reality and how to shift imbalances
  • Shifting your perspective and awakening to your truth
  • Future potentials
  • An awakening to an understanding that you are your own creator



This is not for the faint of heart. These session are for those who are ready to commit to making changes in their lives. These sessions are designed to help you explore your inner self and help you heal your soul. Together , you will be working through a lot of emotional traumas, helping  you make connections to the situations and cycles you may be creating.

Christina’s gifts help those who are ready to step into their truth and their light. Christina has the ability to see , speak and connect with thoughts forms , Angels and read energy. With these gifts she can change your suffering and help you. With these sessions you will align with your emotional freedom and authenticity. You are worthy of love and connection, but its up to you to commit and do the work.

You will also be placed in a supportive Facebook Community ( AWAKENING TRUTH AND SPIRITUAL) and you will also have the ability to take workshops to help you continue on the healing journey.

Let our journey together begin.

*this session is booked after your initial assessment reading*


  • Emotional support
  • Guidance
  • Tools that will help you move through emotional triggers and anxieties
  • Learning to work with your intuition
  • Finding connection to your Mind, Body and Soul
  • Building a strong foundation
  • Gaining personal power back
  • Healing Emotional Trauma


Reiki Healing Practitioner 40 min sessions to 1hour sessions (Ancient Japanese Energy Healing) $120 (Kids Reiki $40)

  • Working with Chakra Energy centres of the body to realign bodies natural energy flow
  • Healing any in balances in the body
  • Promotes Healing,Calm, Relaxations , grounding and clarity, focus
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Essential oils used to promote deeper relaxation and calm to reduce stress
  • Kids half hour Reiki
  • Crystal Therapy



Belvaspata is a sacred Angelic Healing modality using light and frequency to heal the heart. This gift was received and shared by Almine from the Mother/Infinite being that we may fulfill the new purpose of life, to move from creating from perception of the mind to creating love, joy and happiness from the heart. With the use of essential oil elixirs, pressure points, sigils and Angel healing.

Belvaspata works to heal:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sexual abuse trauma
  • Female reproductive imbalances
  • The physical body; muscles and joints
  • Birth trauma and genetics
  • Emotional trauma from the body
  • Chakras & energy body
  • Overall well being
  • Belvaspata also awakens connection to the Angelic realm and the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Christina’s services can benefit anyone who is looking to connect with their true authenticity. These services provide holistic well being for the Mind/Body and Soul.



Upon booking an appointment/ attending a workshop or event you are coming with an open mind and your own personal free will. Christina provides guidance, healing and tools but it’s solely your responsibility and Christina will not be held liable for anything that you choose to apply for your healing and growth. Upon booking or attending you agreed to the terms and conditions.

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